Kurt Rocker Arm Gage Stations


Rocker Arm Gage Stations

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Kurt provides many rocker arm gage stations. In the majority of cases, these stations have been manually loaded bench-top type systems used for production SPC analysis. The Kurt Rocker Gage stations can be built as full automatic gages a single part every 15 seconds to the sampling gage stations.

Examples of Rocker Arm features measured include:

  • ID and Height Dimensions
  • Valve Pad Features
  • Ball Socket Features
  • Oil Hole Diameter and Position
  • Other required features

The KurtSPC Premium software provides real-time feedback to the line operator and can be programmed to provide closed loop feedback to the machine tools or stop the line in certain fault conditions. Data can be stored locally for review and/or exported directly on a network.

Please contact Kurt Manufacturing directly through the website to discuss your application.



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