SPC Data Collection Tools

The KurtUSB family of electronics provides a wide variety of SPC technology solutions for data collection requirements. Using a building block approach and a standard USB (Universal Serial Bus) connection on any PC, the KurtUSB modules offer simple, yet powerful SPC data collection and I/O control capability. The system starts with the KurtUSB Base Module that provides system power and the USB communication line to the PC. For SPC data collection and I/O monitoring and control, other interface modules quickly and simply connect to the Base Module. Direct interface modules include the KurtUSB Digital Module for digital indicators and hand SPC data collection tools, the KurtUSB LVDT Module for connection to a wide variety of LVDT (Linear Variable Displacement Transducer) probes and the KurtUSB Analog Module for reading any analog output device. For I/O monitoring and control, the KurtUSB I/O Module provides the capability to interface sixteen input and output ports. Any or all of the interface capabilities can be combined together to provide SPC technology solutions for the simplest data collection requirements to today's most stringent automated data collection requirements.

Kurt's latest addition to the KurtUSB family, the KurtMLX Module, provides high-speed analog or LVDT interface, (up to 10,000 readings per second) with extreme accuracies at better than 16-bit resolution. The ability to control and monitor I/O within the same module is combined with the direct interface. The KurtMLX is also fully programmable and can function as a stand alone device, meaning that the USB connection to the PC can be disconnected and the MLX can continue to collect data and control a process. For more information on our data collection tool, the KurtMLX Module, please contact Kurt Engineered Systems at or 800-343-9884.