Parking Prawl Automatic Gage

  • Magazine Load
  • 5 second cycle time
  • Operator loads magazine off line.  Machine cycles thru magazine automatically.
  • Operator removes, loads and installs magazines while gage is cycling for continuous operation.
  • Kurt SPL Software
    • Kurt ICS
    • Kurt USB Modules
    • 16 Kurt FP1500 Measuring elements
    • 16 LVDT Probes
    • Application specific custom contacts for hard to measure features
    • Compact design and footprint
    • Fully contained with safety guards and shields (Many lexan for optimal visibility)
    • Measures 0.370" hole in 8 locations dynamically (9.4mm)
Tolerance Feature
±0.010" Inside diameters
0.025" Hole True Position
0.025" Perpendicularity