Kurt MaxLock 5-Axis Self-Centering Vise with Dovetail Jaws
Part No. HP420D

MaxLock HP420D Multi-Axis AngLock Vise

Kurt Workholding’s low-profile, self-centering MaxLock HP420D 5-axis vise is designed with less jaw deflection than most comparable models, thanks to our lift-control system. Three-tier, 4140 pre-hardened steel dovetail jaws and AngLock technology ensure high clamping force with ±0.0005” repeatability.
The MaxLock HP420D self-centering vise is available in three lengths: 5”, 7”, and 9”. Centerline is easily adjustable to worktable rotation. Reversible jaws provide added functionality of I.D. and O.D. clamping, with no loss of clamp force. The HP420D vise is easy to integrate into new or existing automation cells and gaging systems.

Order a MaxLock HP420D self-centering 5-axis vise for your workholding application. Contact Kurt today to learn more or call for availability.

Price:  $1,179.00 
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Kurt MaxLock HP420D 5-Axis Self-Centering Vise: Dovetail Jaws
Kurt MaxLock 5 Axis Vise HP420

Features & Benefits of Kurt’s HP420D Self-Centering Vise

  • Dovetail jaws
  • Three clamping areas: at the bed, mid-jaw, and at the top of the jaw
  • Integrated lift-control system combats lift
  • ±0.0005” repeatability
  • Self-centering vise
  • Centerline is easily adjustable to the center of table rotation
  • Easily integrates into automation cells and gaging systems
  • Jaws machined from 4140 heat-treated steel
  • Ductile iron body improves rigidity and vibration dampening
  • 3/4” screw diameter for strength
  • Screw is internally hexed to minimize footprint
  • Available in three lengths: 5”, 7”, 9”
  • Clamp on I.D. or O.D.
  • Hardened ways
  • Dovetail jaws can be swapped out for serrated jaws (available separately)

Dimensional Data

Top View
Side View
Bottom View
End View
A 5.00
B .06 / 2.19
C .31 / 2.44
D .50 / 2.63
E 2.797
F 2.297
G 2.922
H 1.672
I 4.000
J 2.000
K 4.000
L 1.563
M 1.563
N Ø.500
O Ø.625

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