Manual 3 & 4 Way Valves


  Directional control valves are generally used for the direction, leakage free control of hydraulically actuated valves (depending on the flow pattern). They are designed as spring returned ball seated valves. The valve elements are forced into their respective switching position against the spring force and fluid pressure by the hand control acting on a pin. A strainer insert in the inlet port prevents the entry of contamination.

The manifold mounted holes have O-Ring seals at the finish ground bottom surface of the valve body. Pipes may be connected either via customer furnished connection blocks or sub-plates. These valves do not show any leakage in blocked switching position. Reliable shifting is ensure, as these valves are designed as a ball seated valve where there is no seizing or sticking in working position under full pressure. The leverage between actuation and valve element ensures low actuation forces and smooth shifting. These directional control valves are available with check valve and return pressure through orifice inserts to limit the inflow of oil.

Individual valves with sub-plate, enabling direct pipe connection, may be equipped with a by-pass check valve, a pressure limiting valve, or a rectifier circuit by means of check valves.