Manual Vises

Manual vises operate by manually turning a handle to open and close the jaws. Once closed, the jaws firmly hold a workpiece in place for drilling, milling and other machining applications. Manual milling vises are manufactured in various styles including single station and double station vises that can be horizontally or vertically mounted based on the machining application requirements. There are also different jaw sizes and types to accommode a variety of workpiece sizes and materials.
A few different types of handles are used to operate a manual milling vise. Standard handles have a single handle and use a cranking or turning motion to operate the vise. There are also speed handles and  torque handles with two or more handles that turn in a circular motion for faster and more precise clamping. Since they require manual operation to remove and adjust the workpiece, manual CNC vises are best suited for applications with a slower cycle time.

Manual Milling Vises for Precision Machining and Milling Applications 

Kurt Workholding is an industry leader in workholding solutions. Our manual vises are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of demanding machining applications and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Manual CNC vises from Kurt can be mounted to grid plates for use on a work table or assembled in towers and tombstones for horizonal and vertical CNC machining applications.

Manual Milling Vise Options

  • 4” and 6” HDL Manual Vises: feature two clamping stations with repeatability up to ±0.0002”
  • 6” HD Manual Vises: high density vise with a compact design and two clamping stations with 6” machinable jaws
  • 8” DoubleLock Vise: manual vise with two large capacity clamping stations providing clamping force up to 8997 lbs.
  • ClusterLock Vises: precision double vise that is ideal for small VMCs with pallet changers. Provides clamping force up to 3,000 lbs.
  • VersatileLock Vises: single station manual CNC vises that feature a one-piece vise body and “pull-type” jaw clamping that reduced jaw reflection by 80%.  Available in 4” manual6” manual and 8” manual vise options.
  • WedgeLock Vises: feature a self-aligning SeraLock system and are available in a range of single and double configurations.
  • MoveLock Vises: high precision, two-piece vises that mount on a 2” x 2” grid system or on a “T” slot table.
  • Self-Centering Vises: automatically center the workpiece for improved machining and repeatability, Offered in 2.5”, 4” and 6” jaw widths and in 5-axis options with three different jaw configurations.
  • Extra Capacity (XL) Vises: available in 6” and 8” jaw widths providing jaw openings up to 28.750” for clamping large parts
  • AngLock D-Series Manual Vise: designed for milling operations and available in 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” jaw widths
  • 5-Axis Vises: ideal for 5-axis machining applications and available in various lengths and jaw widths.

Need help selecting a vise? Our Vise Selection Guide can help you get started or contact us for additional assistance. We also have a vise selector tool that you can use as a guide in selecting the right manual CNC vise for your machining application.

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Kurt Workholding provides manual vises in a wide range of sizes and configurations to meet your workholding requirements. We also provide hydraulic vises and pneumatic vises and a wide range of vise accessories including conversion kits, grid plates, sine keys and more.
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