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Kurt Industrial Products Division

Double Station Vises


Single Station Hydraulic Vise Operation


MME Story




KURT Workholding Tutorial Videos

Tips, tricks, and techniques on using Kurt Workholding products and accessories.







KURT SideWinder Vise

Kurt Workholding offers the Kurt SideWinder vise, which is a vertically mounted vise which attaches to any 6 inch AngLock vise from Kurt. It is designed to be used for second operation type workholding.



KURT VB 5 Axis  Schenke Clamping System Videos

The Kurt VB 5 Axis Schenke clamping system provides machining on all five axes with one set up operation. Watch the videos to see this powerful specialty vise in action.



KURT VB Docklock Videos

The Kurt VB DockLock is a zero-point clamping system designed to increase productivity by reducing setup time and changeovers. Watch the videos to learn more about the functionality and versatility of these workholding sytems.


KURT SCMX425 5-Axis Self-Centering Vise Video


KURT DX6 CrossOver Vise Video


KURT HP420 Videos


KURT Hydraulic Pump Videos


AirLine Zero-Point Pneumatic Clamping System