Multi-Axis Vises

Kurt Workholding’s family of multi-axis vises provide versatile positioning capabilities for a wide range of complex, challenging machining operations. Read on (below) or follow the links to learn more. See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.
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VB 5 Axis Schenke Clamping System

 Available in 100mm multi-axis vise and 175mm multi-axis vise models, our VB 5-axis Schenke clamping system provides up to 40 kN of clamping force. Specially engineered to operate with no jaw flare out under tension and with no distortion on the machine table, these multi-axis vises maintain extreme rigidity to accommodate maximum cutting forces. Obstruction-free machining on five sides of the workpiece can be achieved with just 8mm of clamping depth.

DoveLock™DT20 5-Axis Dovetail Vise

 Our DoveLock™ DT20 multi-angle vises are manufactured from pre-hardened 4140 steel to help maintain part rigidity. The unique dovetail design positions the clamp screw high in the clamping envelope to minimize deflection and clamp creep under extreme machining pressures. Easy part prep requires just 1/8” of clamping depth to hold the workpiece in place. Moveable and stationary jaws are matched pairs.

MaxLock 350 Multi-Axis Vise

 The unique MaxLock 350 5-axis vise utilizes our patented AngLock® design to pull parts down and reduce or eliminate stationary deflection. A 0.625” stroke provides a wider clamping range before the vise setup must be changed, and makes loading and unloading workpieces easier. Screw is made for easy change out, which allows for a broad range of part sizes. Multiple jaw options are available.

Self-Centering Multi-Axis Vises

 Kurt’s MaxLock SCMX250 and MaxLock SMCX425 self-centering multi-angle vise feature AngLock technology that pulls and holds parts down securely during machining for improved accuracy. Taller-than-standard jaws provide increased spindle clearance for multi-axis machining. Parts can be clamped on the I.D. or the O.D. Choice of aluminum or steel jaws (machinable). 4.0” maximum jaw width; ±0.0002” repeatability.

Multi-Axis Vise Accessories

 Our specially engineered DT20 5-axis risers are designed for use with our DoveLock™ DT20 multi-axis vise. Riser provides additional clearance for machine tools in complex machining operations.
The DoveTail cutting tool is used to prepare workpieces for clamping in the Kurt DT20 multi-angle vise, as well as our DTR20 and DT10 DoveTail 5-axis vises.

The Best Multi-Angle Vise for Your Machining Application

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