Specialty Vises

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Specialty Vises

Kurt Workholding offers specialty vises in a range of unique configurations to conquer your most difficult  machining challenges. We also offer a full line of vise accessories to complement the performance of our specialty vises.
Read on (below) or follow the links to learn more about our specialty vise options. See individual product listings, view our specialty vise video library, or download brochures and/or instruction guides for additional information and specifications.
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Multi-Axis Vises

The Kurt VB 5 Axis Schenke Clamping System (available as a 4” vise or a 6” vise) provides obstruction-free machining of five sides of the workpiece, from just an 8mm clamping depth, and offers up to 40 kN of clamping force. Our DoveLock™ 5 Axis Vise features a high clamping screw location that reduces deflection and requires just 1/8” clamping depth for secure workholding. The Kurt AngLock 5 Axis Vise provides up to 7,000 lbs. of clamping force and uses our patented AngLock® design to hold parts safely and securely during multi-axis machining operations. Our SCMX250 and SCMX425 Self-Centering 5-Axis Vises utilize AngLock technology and a self-centering design for outstanding machining accuracy.
We also offer 5 axis risers and DoveTail work prep cutting tools for use with our multi-axis vises.

KTR35 Tool Room Vise

A highly versatile specialty vise designed to fit small machine tables (measuring just 10.125” in total length), Kurt’s KTR35 tool room vise provides up to 4,500 lbs. of clamping force with a 4.06” maximum jaw opening.  With an added receiver, it can be used a sine vise with 30°, 45°, and 60° options built in. A range of mounting options are available: the vise itself can be mounted via through-body holes and keys; outrigger clamps (3/8” or 1/2”) are available for flat surface mounting; and a special toe clamping kit allows the KTR35 to be mounted on its side.

XL Extra Capacity Vise

Kurt XL vises are specially designed for the precision clamping of very large parts, in both tool and die production CNC applications. We offer extra capacity vises in multiple sizes and configurations, including 6” manual vise, 8” manual vise, 6” hydraulic vise, 8” hydraulic vise, 6” reverse vise, 8” reverse vise, 6” hydraulic reverse vise, 8” hydraulic reverse vise, 6” air vise, and 6” air reverse vise models.

Self-Centering Vises

Our self-centering vises provide 0.0006” centering accuracy, with 0.0002” repeatability, from minimum to maximum opening. A unique adjustment feature allows the centerline to be set as needed; this is especially useful when mounting multiple vises on a single machine and all centerlines must match. This line of specialty vises includes 4” self-centering vise, 6” self-centering vise, and two 5-axis self-centering vise models.

The Best Specialty Vise for Your Machining Application

Kurt Workholding’s specialty vises make even the most difficult machining applications easy. Order the specialty vise you need today, or contact us to learn more.