Kurt Smart Probe KSP-2.0P
Part No. KSP-2.0P

KURTSmart PROBE with 2.0mm of total measuring range with the specifications as noted below. The probe includes a carbide round contact tip with a 2.5 metric thread. The contact tip is pneumatically extended.

  • Probe length: 70mm fully extended
  • Probe diameter: 8mm
KurtSmart Probe Specifications:
  • 14 Bit Precision
    • 2.0mm probe travel, approximately 0.125 micron resolution
  • Accurate to better than 12 bits
  • Pre-calibrated – All devices measure identically over the full stroke
  • On board dynamic scans: MAX, MIN, TIR, AVG
  • LED indicators have a programmable scale to fit a tolerance range
    • Visible from Top or Side, mounted on both sides
  • On board I/O for stand-alone operation
    • I/O is 5-24VDC Optically Isolated
    • Input: Programmable to trigger events such as data collection, re-mastering or others
    • Output: Programmable to trigger on LED or measurement status
  • Namable for consistent identification by the software
  • USB to COM port interface
    • Compatible with any software that can import RS-232 data
  • Compatible with standard USB hubs allowing multiple probes per system
Price:  $662.00 
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Kurt Smart Probe KSP-2.0P