Kurt SideWinder
Part No. SDW35-SD


The Kurt SideWinder is a vise that mounts vertically to the back of any Kurt industry standard 8”and 6" vise with an integral bracket. The bracket will include a stabilization leg that will mount to the table on the movable end of the vise and a workstop to position the height of the part.


  • For doing 2nd op work holding the part vertically rather than horizontally.


  • Saves set up time for 2nd op vertical work
  • Machining can be done on both vises in the same setup
  • Vise is at an elevated position which is more conducive to longer reach machining     
  • Has a stabilizer foot for vibration control     
  • Can be mounted to any Kurt industry standard 8"or 6" vise     
  • Has a round nut which controls deflection to a greater degree     
  • Does not interfere with the host vise     
  • Pull type vise     
  • AngLock design
Scratch & dent vises have minor porosity or other cosmetic defects that do not affect performance and still carry the full warranty.  All scratch & dent sales are final.
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