Kurt MiniLock, 4"
Part No. MT4

Clamp Assembly sold in a set of 6 per package.

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Price:  $167.00 
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Dimensional Data

* Approx. Thread Engagement0.25
45Ø Thread Chamfer Dia.0.3
Hex Size0.688
Hex Thickness0.188
Hex Wrench Size0.156
Max. Distance from Screw CL0.35
Max. Part Size Differential Double Clamp0.01
Min. Distance from Screw CL0.308
*Max. Part Size Differential Double Clamp0.02
Screw Length0.625
Screw Size1/4-20
*C'Bore Depth ±.020 (±50mm)0.156
*C'Bore Dia. +.015 -.005 (-.39 -.13mm)0.281
Suggested Tapped Hole Loc. From Edge of Part0.324

Clamping Force Pounds

Torque Ft. Lbs.Clamping Force Lbs.