Kurt Manual Vise, 4"
Part No. D40

This product is no longer available.
It has been replaced with the DX4 Crossover Vise and the DX4R Crossover Reverse Vise.
Both will be available April 2018.

This information is being provided as a courtesy to existing customers that already have this model vise and require specific dimensional information for their own internal requirements.

The D40 vise is recommended for intermediate milling and grinding work. It is an ideal vise for use in matched multiples for holding long parts. With jaw plates in their outside positions, this 4 inch vise has a capacity of 10-5/16 inches.

  • Kurt Manual Vise, 4"

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  • Kurt Manual Vise, 4"

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Dimensional Data

  Inch Pounds
A 2.250 x
B 4.000 x
C 12.340 x
D 2.562 x
E 0.500 x
F 1.115 x
G 1.355 x
H 1.235 x
J 0.547 x
K 4.000 x
L 1.281 x
N 0.687 x
O 2.500 x
P 3/8-16 x
Q 6.380 x
R 5.750 x
S 2.625 x
T 4.860 x
U 0.531 x
V 0.700 x
W 9/16 x
AA 3-7/8 x
AA MIN 0 x
BB 5.750 x
BB MIN 1.400 x
CC 8.4375 x
CC MIN 4.100 x
DD 10.3125 x
DD MIN 5.900 x
Ship Wt. x 32

Clamping Force Pounds

Torque Ft. Lbs. D40
10 1653
20 2923
30 4103
40 5241
50 6513
60 7807

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