Kurt K3464 Pantograph Parallelogram Gage Heads
Part No. K3464

The EM3464 series measuring head uses a set of parallel high memory spring steel leaf fletchers to assure the highest accuracy, repeatability and linearity. Each measurement head can be adjusted individually to an optimal performance setting by utilizing hundreds of contact accessories and by setting the pre-stress value of the leafs. They can also be linked to the same base to get single measurements such as diameters or multiple dimensions such as diameter and runout simultaneously.

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  • EM3464_gage_heads

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Features: Specifications
Travel: +/- 1mm Travel and Measurement Range
Leaf Pre-Stress: 0.1 / 0.3 per Application
Linearity: 0.5% 1 micron
Repeatability: < 0.1 micron ? Dependent on Application
Contact Force: Adjustable 0 to 4.4 N (450 g)
Mechanical: Elastic Distortion
Sensors: Digital, LVDT, Analog & Half Bridge (8mm or .375 Body)
Application: Pneumatic or Spring Actuation & in all Orientation Attitudes
Material: Hot Rolled Steel & Spring Steel
Accessories: Hundreds of Extension Arms & Contact Tips
IP Rating: IP65 Protection
Storage Temperature: - 40F to + 185F
Operating Temperature: + 50F to + 185F
Shock: Application Specific Should Be Protected
Robustness: Operating Life > 25 Million cycles
Null Position: Preset
Mass: 98.5 Grams