Kurt Introductory SPC Training at Engineered Systems Facility
Part No. d5

Attendees to this 2-day configuration course receive the KurtSPC Workbook as part of the course materials  The course outline is as follows:

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Startup and Login
  • Workbook Training
    • Job, Part, Chart and group configuration
    • Control Limits, User Keys and Error Codes
    • Qualifying Input Probes
    • Event Action Basics
    • Network View and Management
    • Adding Digital Inputs
    • Adding LVDT Inputs
    • Mixes Inputs

Day 2

  • Advanced Concepts
    • Complex Event Actions
    • Serial Inputs and Protocols
    • Notes
    • Calibrations
    • Using Reasonable Limits
  • Questions and Specific Applications

This 2-day training class is held at:
Kurt Engineered Systems
9445 East River Road NW
Minneapolis, MN 55433

Upon connecting to MapQuest, zoom in and out as needed for detail or request driving directions.

Please contact us for the next class dates.

Lunch is provided as part of the registration fee. Travel, lodging and other accommodations are the responsibility of the participant. Hotel recommendations are available upon request.

Price:  $795.00 
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Kurt Introductory SPC Training at Engineered Systems Facility