Kurt HDM690-SD
Part No. HDM690-SD

HDM690 Vise Features:

  • A full 9" opening between jaws with the standard jaw plates w/metric fasteners
  • Wider, more stable stationary jaw makes for less stationary jaw deflection
  • Station has 4 bolts from the top which reduces stress in the body so the vise stays flatter
    • No need to remove the vise body from the table for cleaning
  • Narrower body width allows for more vises in the same work envelope
  • Taller body equals less deflection under clamping loads
  • Bolts and locates directly on standard grid plates: 40mm, 50mm and 2"
  • "Pull-type" body design reduces stress in the body resulting in more accurate clamping
  • HD platform quick change movable jaws makes holding the odd shaped part easier
  • Groove Lock® workstop and jaw included
  • Uses sine keys for alignment
  • Swivel base available, part #D50-4-SA
  • Body height matched ±0.0005"
  • Shipping weight 75 lbs.                             
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