Kurt Manufacturing provides both software and gaging support services.  Software support is limited to those customers who have purchased KurtSPC Premium or have purchased KurtSPC gaging electronics (KurtUSB or Kurt SmartProbes).
  • Any customer that purchases KurtSPC software and/or electronics is entitled to free limited support within 30 days of purchase.  The amount of support provided is at the discretion of the support agent, but should follow certain guidelines.
  • It is the discretion of the service agent whether to charge customers for support after 30 days of purchase of the software and/or electronics.  Determination of whether to charge the customer will be based on the time duration, the scope of the support issue and the number of repeat calls by the customer relating to the same issue.
  • Software support is limited to issues related to installation and operation of Kurt manufacturing software (KurtSPC Premium, Smartrobe Dashboard and SmartDisplay and does NOT extend to generic PC issues or issues related to PC operating systems.  The only exception to this guideline is that generic PC issues can be if the customer is using a PC that has been provided by Kurt.
  • Support of electronic interfaces to Kurt software will be limited to electronics manufactured by Kurt.  Kurt is not responsible for supporting third party electronics or software even when utilized within KurtSPC.  All of these support issued should be directed to the manufacturer unless the support agent can address these issues in a timely manner.
  • Detailed information must be provided by the customer for specific software issues so that it can be determined if the issue is a warranty issues such as a legitimate software bug, a database issue or operator error.  This information must be passed to the software department so that an appropriate response can be made to the customer in a timely manner. 
  • If it is determined that the software issue is a legitimate software bug or related to a database issue with a database that was designed by Kurt, it is the responsibility of Kurt to address these issues at no cost.  If it is determined that the software issue is related to a database issue with a database designed or modified by the customer, the service agent must be provided with the customers database.  The service agent can look at customer provided databases at no cost and can provide answers to specific questions relating to database configuration at no cost, provided that these questions can be addressed in a timely manner.  If it is determined that the software issue is related to operator error, the customer will be notified of the operator error and should not be charged.
  • Customer databases can no longer be emailed between the service agent and the customer.  Databases must be transferred via Dropbox or by the file transfer service used by the customer.
  • The customer will be charged standard service rates if a customer requests that database changes be done by Kurt personnel regardless of whether Kurt designed the database.  There are no exceptions; once a customer database is modified by Kurt personnel, Kurt owns all future problems, even if these problems are not related to the changes made.  
  • If the customer requests written instructions on modifying the database, there will be no charge provided that the scope of the instructions is small.  It is generally the discretion of the service agent to determine when to charge the customer for these written instructions.
  • There will be a limit of the number of repeat calls by a specific customer before the customer will be charged for engineering time.  Service agents are not required to provide free training over the phone.
  • The customer must provide detailed specifications for all requested changes so that a service quote can be provided.  Any requested changes outside of these specifications will result in a generation of a new quote.   
  • All service charges will be quoted using the published service rate.