Kurt 3600H Repair Kit
Part No. 3600H-KIT

3600H-KIT Parts Included Part No. QTY
O-Ring, Buna N, #129 3600V-128 1
Spiral Retaining Ring 3600V-147 2
Internal Brush Seal 3600V-211 2
Washer, Thrust Bearing 3600V-42 2
O-Ring, Buna N, #117 360HU-99 1
Backup Ring 360HU-187 1
Ring, Retaining 360HU-231 1
O-Ring, Urethane, #121 360HU-98 1
Segment D60-9 1
Thrust Bearing D80-41 1
Backup Ring PTH600-188 1
O-Ring, Urethane, #230 PTH600-96 1
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Price:  $34.00 
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This kit includes seals for the 36BHU hydraulic unit.  If your vise has a KHU6 hydraulic unit, then you will need to buy the 3600V-KIT and KHU6-KIT instead.  If you need help identifying which hydraulic unit is on your vise, please contact customer service at 877-226-7823.