Industrial OEM Computer Systems


Shop Floor Data Collection

The KurtICS industrialized computer system is designed for your tough shop floor data collection applications. The Windows based computer is fully enclosed in an aluminum enclosure. The KurtICS industrial OEM computer system is designed for a variety of mounting options. The industrial OEM computer system comes complete with the Windows 7 64 bit operating system. When combined with the KurtUSB interface products and KurtSPC Premium SPC gaging and data management software, the KurtICS becomes a powerful data collection station with the ability to manage multiple data collection and automation stations. The Kurt system will support direct connection to many different probes, gages and sensors (LVDT, analog or digital), making multi-feature data collection simple, reliable and cost effective. While capturing data at high speeds and managing the information, the Kurt precision gaging system can also control complex processes through I/O or communicate directly with machine tools for closed loop cutter compensation control.  Call us toll free at 800-343-9884 to talk with a sales engineer about industrial OEM computer systems.