ICS Solutions Packages

SPC Technology Solutions for Industrial Industries

KurtICS Industrial Computer System offers both flexibility and power in a small, industrialized package. When matched with the KurtUSB modules, they can turn into a powerful measurement, automated gaging and machine control systems. LVDT, analog, Mitutoyo compatible inputs along with the KurtSPC Premium Industrial SPC technology software create a very powerful and flexible statistical process control system for all SPC quality control and data collection.  See all of Kurt Engineered Systems Industrial Computers and SPC Data Collection Systems.

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) has become a standard feature on all of today's personal computers. KurtUSB utilizes this high speed, plug and play interface to eliminate all the problems associated with old fashion computer interfaces. Availability of ISA or PCI slots, IRQ's, port addresses and clumsy RS-232 protocols are all things of the past. The KurtUSB precision gaging modules and KurtSPC Premium Industrial SPC technology software is the perfect solution for all SPC quality control, data logging and 100% inspection application. Virtually any linear measurement probe, temperature sensor, pressure sensor and digital gage reading can now be easily read, graphed, and logged and used to trigger user definable events.  Call us toll free at 800-343-9884 to talk with a sales engineer about KurtICS Industrial Computer Systems and SPC technology.