Hydraulic Vises

Hydraulic Vises

Hydraulic Vises

Kurt offers a complete line of hydraulic actuated options for single and double station vises as well as 8 station cluster towers. Kurt hydraulic vises are the ideal solution for machining centers that work on long production runs. Hydraulic vises integrated into machining centers can substantially increase productivity and reduce errors.

As with all Kurt products, our hydraulic vises come with the Lifetime Iron Clad Warranty™ proving that you’re getting a top quality Kurt product. If you have any questions about Kurt hydraulic vises, please contact us.

Advantages of Hydraulic Vises

Hydraulic vises offer substantial benefit over standard machining vises, particularly for long production runs. Hydraulic vises do require a hydraulic pump with hoses running to the vises, but compensate with precise, repeatable, reliable performance.

Hydraulic vises are ideal for larger machining centers or any machine shop that manufactures large runs of the same product.

Some of the features of hydraulic vises include:

  • Hydraulic vises help take the burden off of workers and reduces dangers of repetitive motion syndrome for employees manning the machining station
  • Hydraulic vises allow you to get consistent, repeatable clamping pressures
  • Some Kurt hydraulic vises include internal hydraulics
  • Some Kurt hydraulic vises are double acting
  • Hydraulic vises allow machining centers to efficiently run long jobs where the same part is being run repeatedly

Single Station Hydraulic Vise Set-up


Double Station Hydraulic Vise Set-up