Hydraulic Cluster Tower

This Hydraulic operated eight station tower features all-new design for fast loading of parts. All internalized hydraulic piston/nut saves valuable space. Includes all original KURT AngLock precision clamping and iron clad rigid construction fro damping vibration.


  • Comes in English and Metric version.
  • Utilizes an all internal hydraulic piston/nut to conserve space.
  • Pressure is maintained until released by operator or triggering deice. Easy disconnect for pallet shuttle.
  • Repeatable clamping to 0.0002".
  • Each station delivers up to 7,100 Ibs. of clamping force at 4,500 PSI.
  • Each face is controlled separately for convenient part loading and removal.
  • Jaw opening is 4" per station
  • Each face has a maximum total stroke of 1/4" (1/8" per station)
  • Jaw options available: Hard jaws, Machinable aluminum, Machinable ductile iron.
  • Base sizes available: 400mm, 500mm, 630mm.
  • Lifetime Iron Clad Warranty.
*Contact factory for pricing and availability.