High Density / DoubleLock® Vises

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High Density Vises

The manually and hydraulically actuated HD and HDL Vises  are high-density, doublelock, clusterlock, heavy-duty systems with multiple clamping stations and machinable jaws.  The HD and HDL CarvLock Vises are compact to allow for maximum workholding across a full range of machining centers.  They feature quick change AngLock® jaws in Hard Jaw, Machinable aluminum and Cast steel configurations for multiple applications. HD Vises are designed to provide maximum workpiece immobility and dampen cutter induced vibration.
To learn more about our high density workholding for machining, download the HD vises and towers brochures and product guides.

Manual Vises

Manual vises are used for many applications and are pretty much standard in most shops manual vises offer numerous features, some of which include:
  • Stationary vises – These vises are used for machining straight surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Some can hold large parts
Both style of vises can be fastened to the machine at either a parallel or right angle.

DoubleLock Vises

Double station vises are most useful for jobs that require you to hold two separate pieces in place. Doublelock vises offer several unique features and benefits, including:
  • Large holding capacity
  • Increased productivity
  • Accuracy
  • Durability
  • Self-adjusting holding blocks

ClusterLock Vises

The clusterLock vise is a precision double vise, configured from 1 to 10 units in a common base. The AngLock® principle assures that the movable jaw will not lift. The ClusterLock vise offers several features and benefits, including:
  • 80,000-PSI ductile iron construction.
  • Hardened bed ways and hardened steel jaw plates.
  • Standard spacing is 1.968" (50mm).
  • Ideal for small VMC’s with pallet changers.
  • Suitable for tombstone mounting on HMC’s.
  • Can be converted to single opening (6" maximum) with the optional convertible kit
  • Can be made in a self-centering configuration
  • Jaw face is 50mm wide

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