4" & 6" HDL Manual Vises (English)

Manual vises work by holding workpieces in place as they are machined and are a widely used workholding solution due to their versatility. They operate by manually turning a handle to open and close the moveable vise jaws. After the moveable jaws are opened, the operator uses the handle to manually close the jaws until they clamp the workpiece against the stationery jaw.
The type and size of manual vise you will need depends on the requirements of your application, including: material type and size, cycle time, machine speed, quantity of products being produced, and other production factors. Because they require manual operation, high density manual vises are best for applications with slower cycle times and where you are not using multiple vises to secure a workpiece.
View Kurt’s Workholding Selection Guide for more information about how to choose the correct vise for your application. 

HDL Manual Vises for Your Workholding Solutions

Kurt Workholding’s 4” and 6” HDL manual vises are high density vises with English threads and are compact to allow for maximum workholding across a range of machining centers. Our high-density HDL manual vises provide versatility with a stationary center jaw block and double clamping stations for use with same or dissimilar sized parts.
Benefits of using a manual vise with two clamping stations are reduced tool change time and better spindle utilization. These high density manual vises also help neutralize bending pressure placed against the center of the vise. Our HDL manual vises are suitable for work involving high precision machining, and for work with small or large parts.

HDL Manual Vise Features

  • Two clamping stations with repeatable clamping to 0.0002”
  • Maximum clamping force of 5,870lbs for 4” vises and 7,460lbs for 6” vises
  • Pre-loading front and back jaws that hold your workpieces in place as you adjust the jaws
  • Multiple jaw options allow for complete customization
  • Constructed of rugged, 80,000 PSI ductile iron body with steel components

HDL Manual Vise Jaw Options

Kurt workholding 4” and 6” HDL manual vises are available with a variety of jaw types that can easily be changed out, allowing you to customize your high-density vise based on your application requirements.  Our vises have a quick-change jaw feature with fewer components for faster changeovers, saving you time. HDL manual vise jaw options include:
  • Hard jaws
  • Machinable aluminum jaws (in standard or tall height)
  • Machinable ductile iron jaws
  • Aluminum fixture plate

Machinery Types for HDL Manual Vises

Kurt Workholding’s HDL 4” and 4” manual vises are suitable for a variety of machining applications.

4” & 6” HDL Manual Vises

  • CNC Horizontal and Vertical Machining
  • Manual Mills
  • Pallet Changes for VMC’s
The manually actuated HDL AngLock® Vises are high density long vises with two clamping stations. They provide repeatable clamping to 0.0002” and combine high density with heavy duty features. Designed on a rugged 80,000 PSI ductile iron body with steel components, both models provide strength, rigidity and long-term accuracy while absorbing machining vibration.

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