Gage Accessories

Kurt Engineered Systems offers a variety of gage accessories to complement your current gaging and data collection systems. With our high performance, high precision gage accessories, you can create a more complete, more accurate, and more user-friendly gaging/data collection system. We stock a wide range of gage accessories to meet your needs.

Cables: Kurt’s gage cables connect to a wide range of SPC data collectors and micrometers. We have cables to connect Mitutoyo measurement devices to Kurt interfaces, connect probes to LDVT modules, and connect Kurt DigiDirect to your computer system.

Probe Setters: Our LVDT probe setters allow you to set the working range readings of each LVDT measurement channel. Kurt LVDT probe setter bases work in conjunction with micrometer heads to “qualify” an LVDT probe’s working range. Probe setter micrometer heads provide easily visible measurement readings.

Gage Measurement Heads: Versatility is key with our gage measurement heads. Designed for shop floor data collection, they’re interchangeable to accommodate a wide range of electronic sensors, including LVDT, digital, and analog. With our gage measurement heads, you can capture numerous dimensional features, accept mechanical and/or digital indicators, and configurable as spring floating contact heads or can be gravity balanced.

X-Y Slide Tables: Kurt’s X-Y slide tables provide precision bearing axis coordination for superior accuracy, repeatability, and linearity when measuring true position or location. This gage accessory is designed to capture an array of dimensional features, is compatible with LVDT, digital, and analog measuring instruments, as well as mechanical and/or digital indicators, and can be used with pneumatic retract capabilities to allow access to receded features.

I/O Module Accessories: Our I/O module accessories will help you create a simple I/O interface for your gaging/data collection system.

Kurt Engineered Systems is your number one source for complete gaging solutions. For more information about our gage accessories, contact us or call 877-226-7823 to speak with one of our sales engineers.