Front-end Trim/Dome Gage

The manually loaded Kurt Front-end Trim/Dome Gage measures the “Trim Height” and the “Dome Depth” of beverage and food cans as may be applicable. The gage station uses a sleeve type nest that captures the OD of the can. The Kurt Trim/Dome gage can measure multiple length cans in a single gage as long as the OD is the same. Changeover from one length can length to another length can take place within a few minutes. The gage measures the features as displayed on the can image.

To measure a can the following sequence takes place:

  • The beverage can is manually loaded into a sleeve type nest that captures the OD of the can with the open end of the can facing up
  • Once the can to be measured is in place, two start/stop buttons are actuated and the can is moved back into a measurement position
  • Once the can is in the measurement position, four LVDT pencil probes are extended to touch the trimmed top of the can and a single probe is extended to measure the dome depth
  • The four probes on the top of the can measure the Trim Height of the can while the single probe on the bottom captures the dome depth
  • The Trim Height probes are located as depicted at 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees around the can

The data output from the can be made available to many available software data collection systems

  • The speed of data collection and processing is a function of those software packages

When the gage is used with KurtSPC Data Collection the information from the Kurt Trim/Dome can gage is recorded and visually depicted

  • The KurtSPC software provides MINimum, MAXimum and AVErage results as shown
  • The KurtSPC software can also provide a visual depiction of the can profile as shown

The Wall Thickness gage can be set-up to measure various can lengths on a single gage station provided the can ID is the same

The Wall Thickness gage can be built to measure virtually any size beverage or food can

Gage cycle time to collect information for 1 can is approximately 5 seconds

A master is required with the gage station for each size can

Please note: Kurt is a custom gage system builder and can modify the gage outlined above to meet different needs. We have built gage stations that have additional features measured and incorporate automation as well.