Kurt DoveLock™ DTR10 5-Axis Dovetail Vise
Part No. DTR10

Kurt's DoveLock  DTR10 5 axis dovetail vise is designed for today's aggressive machining needs. Manufactured from pre-hardened 4140 steel, this dovetail workholding solution maintains part rigidity and minimizes deflection or clamp creep when under high machining pressure.
Deflection is reduced by the unique KURT® design which places the clamping screw high in the clamping envelope. Additional anti-deflection control is provided by the movable jaw slide, which is retained within the stationary jaw.
Order a DTR10 DoveLock™ dovetail vise for your machining application, or contact Kurt Workholding to learn more.
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Features of the DoveLock™ DTR10 Dovetail Vise

  • Movable dovetail vise jaws are reversible to allow for a wide range of widths
  • Easy part prep requires only 0.125" of material to hold the workpiece in place
  • Movable and stationary jaws are matched pairs
  • Pre-configured mounting pattern to fit most machine tables
  • Weighs just 1.5 lbs.
  • Lifetime Ironclad Warranty

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