DockLock Zero Point Hydraulic Clamping System

DockLock Zero Point Clamping System

DockLock Zero Point Clamping System

The VB DockLock system is a patented, zero point clamping system for increasing productivity and reducing setup and changeover times. The VB DockLock zero point system integrates with new or existing devices, such as Kurt vises and workholding fixtures, and provides fast, ultra-accurate setup on machining centers. Time consuming setup, alignment and bolt down tasks are eliminated.

The Leading Zero Point System on Machining Centers

This patented zero point clamping system consists of a mechanically actuated locking cylinder device that positions and locks the vise or fixture onto the machine worktable. It allows the user to locate or remove the workholding from a machine, or move it offline or to another machine and/or back again in just seconds with zero-point positioning accuracy every time. The DockLock system engages mechanically, and disengages hydraulically.
Widely used throughout Europe, the DockLock system is manufactured to the highest Swiss standards. Kurt Workholding is the exclusive Western Hemisphere distributor of DockLock systems for today’s demanding manufacturing applications.
To help you make the most of your DockLock system, Kurt offers informative DockLock videos and downloadable DockLock system brochures.

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Features & Benefits of the DockLock System

Feature Benefit
Set-up changes parallel to machining Reduces machine setup time up to 90% for increased productivity
Work interruption possible at any time without losing “zero point” Flexibility for urgent orders
Zero point repeatable accuracy of ±0.0002” Interruptible at any time without losing the zero point
5-face processing without unclamping Provides obstruction-free machining
Further usage of existing fixtures Huge time & cost savings
Inexpensive plug for clamping & centering Simple mounting to fixtures, pallets, or workpieces
Dynamic, form-fit clamping Improved surfaces, increased tool life & high security
Cylinders for direct integration into machine tables No distortion forces in the machining table
Built-in cylinders Allow any configuration in spacing on plates, setup tables & CMMs
Built-up cylinders Provide a flexible arrangement on any machine

DockLock System Cylinder Options

  • Flanged Cylinders: avoid stress in machine tables & pallets; allow any configuration
  • Built-In Cylinders: allow any configuration of baseplates, setup stations & measuring machines
  • Built-Up Cylinders: for flexible array on machine tables, setup stations & measuring machines

New Cylinder with Collet Lock

The DockLock zero point system’s new-generation clamping cylinders feature patented collet locks that provide numerous advantages:
  • Form-fit connection between clamping cylinder, plug & workpiece
  • Improved vibration damping
  • Improved pull-in force (12,500 N/2,800 lbs. per cylinder) & retention force
  • Collet’s suspension function makes fixture-handling easy on vertical layouts
  • Few components for reduced susceptibility to dirt ingress
  • Easy to maintain, with top accessibility

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