Directional Control Valves


KDC Series valves are constructed of heat treated alloy steel and aluminum components. They are compact, lightweight (12 oz.) and shift easily even under maximum pressure. The valves have extremely low leakage, less than on (1) drop per two (2) minutes at rated pressure. The working pressure rating available is 6,000 psi. The CV factor is .26 for the -4 SAE. Temperature range is -40°F to + 160°F. The manifold mounting conforms to D03 mounting pattern. For panel mounting, the hole should be 1 13/32" diameter and with a maximum thickness of 5/16".

The -7 configuration manipulator provides a special 4 way flow pattern which is ideal for pilot applications. In the neutral position, P is blocked and A and B are connected to tank. There is a restriction in neutral between A, B and tank, and this valve cannot be used where return flow through A and B is high.

High strength mounting bolts are included with the manifold mount version valve. The KDC Series valves are used in a broad range of OEM applications, including instrumentation systems for power plants, jet engine transport trailers and testing systems.