Custom Engineered Workholding

Custom Engineered Workholding

Custom Engineered Workholding

Do you have a new project coming up? Do you have an existing project that could benefit from increased throughput and lower costs? Contact Kurt Workholding today for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your project!

We are the industry leader in workholding solutions. We have dedicated sales, engineering, and manufacturing teams to meet your needs for cost effective, premium quality custom workholding equipment. Most quotes are returned in three days.

From tombstones to simple manual vises to dedicated hydraulic vises, Kurt has the solution for you!

Customized Workholding Products for Your Application

Kurt brings more than five decades of experience in providing CNC machine workholding solutions and a deep understanding of how workholding integrates into today’s productivity- and quality-driven manufacturing processes.

Our customized workholding solutions are built with the same dedication to quality and performance that’s gone into our bestselling vises for over 50 years. Our engineers have built Kurt’s industry-leading reputation by helping assisting automotive, aerospace, and other metalworking-intensive industries improve quality and reduce cycle times.

Kurt’s customized workholding solutions are easily integrated into new or existing automated cells and gaging systems.

The Kurt team will work with you to develop a customized workholding solution that meets your application and performance requirements. We provide custom workholding devices for both horizontal CNC machining centers, vertical CNC machining centers, and multi-axis machining centers. All Kurt vises are backed by our Lifetime Iron Clad Warranty.

Workholding Solutions for Horizontal CNC Systems

We have delivered countless customized workholding products for horizontal CNC machining centers. We’ve provided:
  • High density DoubleLock vise setups capable of holding 18 parts for aerospace machining operations
  • Two-sided tombstones with six MoveLock clamping stations to accommodate different part sizes
  • Serrated double-station vise towers on palletized machining centers for round-the-clock production
  • and many other highly-specialized custom products

Workholding Solutions for Vertical CNC Systems

Kurt has produced a wide variety of custom workholding products for vertical CNC machining centers. Examples include:
  • High-density fixture clamping to accommodate four workpieces per station for hydraulic industry manufacturing
  • Custom ClusterLock pallet vises that significantly enhance throughput for a medical device manufacturer
  • An indexing trunnion fixture that allows for three-sided machining in automotive applications
  • and countless other customized vises and workholding solutions

Workholding Solutions for Multi-Axis CNC Systems

We can provide custom workholding products for your 3-, 4-, or 5-axis CNC machining operations. Our multi-axis solutions provide the versatility and articulation you need for even the most complex machining operations.

Contact Us for the Workholding Solutions You Need

Request a quote on the customized workholding system your application requires. Contact Kurt to discuss your custom requirements.