Case Study - Kurt Defense


The customer required the manufacturer to provide SPC data on seven critical features of the part.The sampling requirement included eight parts measured each hour. The parts were produced at a rate of about one part every six seconds. With the current gaging method, an inspector spent up to 35 minutes per hour measuring and hang charting the seven features on each part using individual bench gages. During this time lag, the operator continued to run parts (about 350) without real-time information.


By purchasing a Kurt Check Multi-Feature gaging system, measurement and charting time has been reduced from 35 to 4 minutes. The operator loads a part in the measuring elements and presses a single key to capture, chart and record all the data simultaneously in a few seconds. The Kurt Check system freed the inspector and gave the process back to the operator. The quality of the cell improved with the real-time feedback.

Production Process Screw Machining
Number of Characteristics 7
KURT CHECK System Solution Price $27,000.00
Tolerances Required .+/- .0015”
Deliver of Kurt Check Gaging System 5 weeks
Accuracies Achieved .00005”
Gage R&R Results Less then 7% at 6s