Case Study - Kurt Automotive Key Manufacturing


The manufacturer had a double fixture gage requiring two loads per part that had poor Repeatability and Reproducibility (R&R). The information from the gage was not accurate enough to use for process control. Consequently, the customer could not maintain the quality levels desired from the production line.


A Kurt Check single loading modular gaging system was purchased for the production line (1/4 of the cost of the old gage) to measure the various dimensions required. The operator loaded a part in less tan two seconds and with a single key stroke is now able to capture and chart all the dimensions. The gages R&R was less than 6% on all the characteristics giving the operators the confidence to use the gage as a tool to maintain statistical control of the process.

Production Process Grinding and Milling
Number of Characteristics 32
KURT CHECK System Solution Price $27,000.00
Tolerances Required .00025”
Deliver of Kurt Check Gaging System 7 weeks
Accuracies Achieved .00002”
Gage R&R Results Less then 6% at 6s