Case Study - Ammunition (Military)


As a defense contractor the company was continually being driven to reduce costs which improving quality to ensure the renewal of government contracts. SPC was required on all critical features and the data was to be included with shipments. With open set-up inspection, the cost of quality was adding substantially to the expense.The company was also required to follow stringent JIT schedules. Because of quality problems creating a high scrap rate and downtime problems, inventory levels were kept high to keep up with delivery schedules.


The company installed four Kurt Check gaging systems on a production line of eight spindle screw machines. Within the first month of use, downtime decreased due to timely feedback on tool wear and process problems. SPC was now in the hands of the operators so that labor costs were reduced due to the removal of inspectors within the cell. As quality improved, the production flow allowed work in process inventory to decrease from 100 days down to two.

Production Process Screw Machining
Number of Characteristics 5 Static Features
KURT CHECK System Solution Price $18,000.00 each System
Tolerances Required .002”
Deliver of Kurt Check Gaging System 6 weeks
Accuracies Achieved .00004”
Gage R&R Results Less then 5% at 6s