Case Study - Ammunition (Commercial)


As a high quality deep draw manufacturer of 8 different types of .22 caliber shells, this customer came to Kurt in an effort to improve the accuracies and timeliness of their SC data collection capabilities. Producing up to 2 million shells per day, accurate and timely was critical. Measuring and hang charting eight characteristics with individual mechanical indicators on each part became a time consuming task.The information gathered was critical for decision making that affected the manufacturing process. But, the method of data collection was unreliable making it difficult to make process change decisions. Management and engineering came to Kurt looking for a solution.


A new Kurt Modular gage accepts a magazine which holds 35 shells.The gage automatically checks the 35 parts, measuring eight dynamic characteristics on each part. Bad parts are automatically sorted out. All the data is stored directly on the Kurt Check hard disk drive.The system provides full statistics, including gage and machine capability studies to aid process control.This assures the reliability of the information gathered, bringing confidence back to the decision making process. Any variations in the process are automatically flagged and highlighted by the Kurt Check so the process can be refined in realtime thus improving the quality of the product.

Production Process Deep Drawn Transfer Presses
Number of Characteristics 8 Dynamic (TIR, ect.) Features
KURT CHECK System Solution Price $64,000.00
Tolerances Required .0005”
Deliver of Kurt Check Gaging System 10 weeks
Accuracies Achieved .00002”
Gage R&R Results Less then 10% at 6s