Beverage Container Gages

Kurt Engineered Systems manufactures precision gaging systems specially designed for use in beverage and food canning applications, gaging dozens of possible measurements including can wall thickness. Our single stage can gage system can complete full cycles in 10 seconds or less, recording up to 1,000 readings per second for superior precision.

A single gage system can measure multiple can sizes and a broad range of critical values for complete accuracy in all specified areas. Our KurtCan gage system measures trim height in multiple locations at once, dome depth, flange height and width, neck plug diameter, wall thickness, and finished can height. By collecting all these measurements in such a short time span, Kurt Engineered Systems’ gaging systems will help you maintain high levels of quality in your manufacturing while staying on schedule.

We offer manually operated and fully automated precision gaging systems for the beverage and canning industries. These systems can be set up to operate within the specifications of your particular SPC application, and to measure 100% of the parts being produced. Automated systems can even sort rejected parts out of the production flow automatically. KurtCan precision gaging systems measure in resolutions to 10 millionths.

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