Kurt Bundled Buy: DX6 CrossOver® Vise & SideWinder Vise
Part No. DX6-BDL-3

The DX6 CrossOver® is a 6-inch vise with a 9-inch opening and combines the best features of our D688 and 3600V vises with additional state-of-the-art workholding features. This Bundled Buy from Kurt Workholding features the DX6 with a SideWinder vise for vertical 2nd op workholding, four speed knobs for removing jaw bolts, and a sturdy vise handle hanger.
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Kurt DX6 Bundled Buy | DX6-BDL-3

DX6 CrossOver® Vise Bundled Buy | 6 Inch CrossOver® Vise Packages

Kurt DX6 Bundled Buy Contents

  • DX6 CrossOver Vise: Kurt® Workholding’s revolutionary DX6® CrossOver® vise achieves new levels in precision and performance where flatness and parallelism are important. The bearing pack is larger, stronger, and more durable than our other designs, and our proprietary AngLock® spherical segment creates all-directional alignment and reduces jaw lift for improved performance.
  • SDW25II SideWinder ViseThe SideWinder vise is used for vertical 2nd op workholding and mounts to the back of any Kurt industry standard 6” vise with an integral bracket. The bracket includes a stabilization leg that mounts to the table on the movable end of the vise and a workstop to position the height of the part.
  • SK6 Speed KnobKurt Speed Knob provide a quick and easy solution to removing the jaw bolts after they are broke free from the jaw plate. They are compatible with all our 6-inch vises and come in packs of 4.
  • KH6 Handle Hangers: Kurt vise handle holders are made of a high impact material and can be mounted to any surface using the two thru holes on back of the unit. Branded with the KURT name and made in the U.S.A.
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