Beverage/Food Can Crush Gage

The Kurt Can Crush Gage Station can be used in a manually loaded gage station our in a fully automated line. The Crush Gage Station will apply crush force to the can in a vertical direction to determine the crush strength of the can. The Beverage Can is located on a nest within the gage in an upright position; the open end of the finished can is down. Once in position, the gage cycle is started and an increasing pressure force is applied to the can. A pressure sensor is used to continually monitor the force applied and will determine and record the maximum load applied when the failure point as the can buckles is attained.

To measure a can the following sequence takes place:

  • The beverage can is manually or robotically loaded into a part type nest that captures the ID of the finished beverage can neck; the can opening is facing down
  • Once the can to be measured is in place, two start/stop buttons on the manually gage or the automatic start in an auto gage is actuated and the crush cycle begins
  • The pressure sensor is dynamically monitored at 200 readings per second to capture the maximum crush pressure

The data output from the can be made available to many available software data collection systems

  • Please note: The speed of data collection and processing is a function of those software packages

When the gage is used with KurtSPC Data Collection the information from the can gage is recorded and visually depicted

  • During the crush cycle, data is gathered at 200 readings per second
  • Full crush cycle may take up to 10 seconds
  • The KurtSPC software captures the maximum pressure value recorded

The pressure sensor utilized within the Crush Gage is calibrated and certified to NIST standards


Please note: Kurt is a custom gage system builder and can modify the gage outlined above to meet different needs. We have built gage stations that have additional features measured and incorporate automation as well.