Back-end Flange/Neck Gage

The manually loaded Kurt Back-end Flange/Neck Gage measures the “Finished Can Height”, the “Flange Width” and the “Neck Plug” Diameter of beverage and/or food cans as may be applicable. The gage station uses a sleeve type nest that captures the OD of the can. The Kurt Back-end Flange/Neck Gage can measure multiple can heights in a single gage station as long as the OD is the same. Changeover from one length can to another can take place within a few minutes. A single gage can also accommodate two neck plug sizes; changeover from one neck plug size to another is accomplished with the flip of a switch. The gage measures the features as displayed on the can image.

To measure a can the following sequence takes place:

  • The beverage can is manually loaded into a sleeve type nest that captures the OD of the can with the opening of the can facing down
  • Once the can to be measured is in place, two start/stop buttons are actuated and the can is moved back into a measurement position
  • Once the can is in the measurement position, a vacuum drive system engages the can on the dome and begins to rotate the can
  • Measuring heads are extended to capture the features outlined

The data output from the can be made available to many available software data collection systems

  • The speed of data collection and processing is a function of those software packages

When the gage is used with KurtSPC Data Collection the information from the can gage is recorded and visually depicted

  • During rotation, data is gathered at 250 readings per second
  • During full can rotation of about 4 seconds, 1000 readings around the can at each location are recorded
  • The KurtSPC software provides MINimum, MAXimum and AVErage results as shown
  • The KurtSPC software can also provide a visual depiction of the can profile as shown

The Kurt Back-end Flange/Neck Gage can be set-up to measure various can lengths on a single gage station provided the can ID is the same

The Kurt Back-end Flange/Neck Gage will accommodate different size flange widths and with the flip of a pneumatic switch can measure between two different can Neck Plug sizes

Changeover from one can size to another is accomplished in 5 minutes or less

The Kurt Back-end Flange/Neck Gage can be built to measure virtually any size beverage or food can

Gage cycle time to collect information for 1 can is approximately 8 seconds

A master is required with the gage station for each size can

Please note: Kurt is a custom gage system builder and can modify the gage outlined above to meet different needs. We have built gage stations that have additional features measured and incorporate automation as well.