Automotive Gages

Kurt Engineered Systems manufactures precision gaging systems for use in a broad range of automotive industry applications. We offer both manually operated and fully automated precision gaging systems to ensure the extremely tight tolerances required in automotive manufacturing processes. Our custom gages can be designed to meet the needs of your unique SPC application. Within the automotive industry Kurt Engineered Systems' gaging systems can be used in the manufacture of:

Our custom automotive gaging systems are the best way to maintain perfect precision in your automotive manufacturing processes. Kurt Engineered Systems? custom gages can achieve resolutions as close as 0.1 micron and operate in cycle times as short as four seconds, depending on model and function. This helps your production processes uphold high levels of quality while staying on schedule. Automated gaging systems can even automatically sort rejected parts out of the production flow.

Assisted or fully automated part loading, machine tool feedback, in-line system integration of PLCs and touchscreens, and other highly useful features are available, depending on the automotive gage model and function. Our custom precision gages deliver unparalleled accuracy and superior usability.

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