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KurtKIT™ - The Kurt Integrated Technology (KurtKIT) provides automation integration of gaging, custom workholding and robotics. In addition to custom gaging and workholding, Kurt Engineered Systems now provides turn-key automatic cell integration robotic solutions using FANUC Robotic systems. 

Kurt Robotic Automation Cell Integration for Manufacturers

Gage and/or workholding station

Kurt robotics system

Parts can be automatically loaded and unloaded into a gage and/or workholding station in order to make production faster, easier and more productive.  Robotic cell integration can also be used to segregate good and bad parts, as well as, position or mark parts for processing.  In all applications, communication of the part position, completion and disposition are all accomplished within the cell.

As a stand alone robotics system or an integrated solution, the Kurt Integrated Technology systems provide you with a complete one-stop source for your manufacturing needs.  Contact us today on Kurt Engineered robotic  automation and integration systems.


Automation Cell Integration Application Examples

robotics system and grinding machine A robot automatically and accurately loads a fixture into a grinding machine. Kurt's VB DockLock system allows the fixture to be positioned within .0002”.  Proximities roughly verify that the fixture has been loaded.  Once released, a Kurt gage system verifies that the fixture is in position and then measures part heights to optimize the grind process.

Kurt gage system

Kurt gage system
Once the fixture is located and locked in place, a Kurt gage system swings into position.  By using the grinder machine controls, a probe is moved into multiple positions to first verify that the fixture is seated on the grinder table.  This eliminates the possibility of chips under the fixture or a mis-load by the robot and a subsequent crash of the grinding wheel.  Once the fixture is verified, the gage head is moved to the programmed locations on each part before the grinding operation. Based upon the measurement data, the KurtPremium software communicates directly to the grinder controller - providing the start and stop position for grinding.  In this way, an optimum grinding program is achieved with no wasted grind time by either pre-grinding in the air or excessively on the parts.  The total gage process takes less than 60 seconds.
Kurt heat treat station

A heat treat station
Designed and built by Kurt, accepts a variety of vise bodies at each station.  The parts are clamped into position and then heat treated.  Communication with the robot, confirms the part cycle to be executed and when the part is complete.  The heat treating process is completely programmable for each different type of part as to heat intensity, speed and quench.


Kurt is an authorized FANUC Robotics integrator.

For more information on FANUC Robotics, please visit th FANUC Robotics website.