040 Series (Threaded Body)



Attachment of the cylinder body to the fixture platen is done with 3 or 4 S.H.C.S. The connection type can be either manifold mounted or threaded port. Can be single or double acting as well.


 Single Acting 

  1. Hydraulic clamping and spring return for unclamping to original home position. Requires only one hydraulic line.

 Double Acting 

  1. Hydraulic control of clampin and unclamping.
  2. Can be clamped and unclamped with a solenoid valve or directional vlave.


Evacuating chips from around shaft and cylinder body will increase the life of the cylinder. Coolant should also be removed before clamping or unclamping cylinder to help prevent oil contamination.

*Keep oil flow velocity under maximum value rating for longer life.