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Specialty Vises

5 Axis Vises / Multi-Axis
5 Axis Vises / Multi-Axis
The Kurt family of 5-Axis workholding provides for many type of applications in the mul...
Extra Capacity Specialty Vise
Extra Capacity (XL) Vise
Kurt XL vises are designed for precision clamping of very large parts for both tool and di...
Leader MMY Chucks
Leader MMY Chucks
The Leader MultiChuck MMY product line consists of manual self-centering static wo...

Kurt specialty vises include the Self-Centering vise, the XL Extra Capacity Vise, and the VB 5AX100 Schenke Clamping System for 5 axis machining.  The Self-Centering vise comes in two models with movable AngLock® design jaws for zero lift.  The centerline is adjustable for easy positioning of multiple Self-Centering vises.  The Extra Capacity, or XL, vise is designed for precision clamping of very large parts in both tool and die and production CNC applications.  Up to 12,000 lbs of clamping force is available with these “pull-type” clamps.  The 5 Axis vise allows machining on five sides with one clamping operation.

Videos of our specialty vises are available for download, along with specialty vise brochures and instruction guides. If you have any other questions, please contact a Kurt representative today!

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