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Automatic PowerLock™ Drawbar

Available for most manual & CNC mills with standard R-8 collets or 30 or 40 taper tool holders. Automate your present “Knee-Type” milling machines by installing a Kurt PowerLock Drawbar. PowerLock Drawbars reduce tool change time and allow more cutting time in the cycle. This eliminates waste. The whole process using the Kurt automatic or mechanical PowerLock Drawbar cuts the tool change time to one-fourth the time required to change tools manually with wrenches. An added benefit is consistent torque on the drawbar rod. When you multiply the time savings for every tool change on all of your mills, it can really add up.

*Note: All machines that have Erickson Quick Change Spindle, and are converted to a Power Drawbar will have sharp threads and drive keys exposed near the spindle nose. We recommend the installation of a 194-00-SA Erickson Spindle Nose Guard. For Manufacturers not listed, contact factory.

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